Benefits of Membership

By joining CHAIn, members can benefit from a number of advantages:

Access to Microsoft Teams

CHAIn members will be added to the CHAIn organisation Teams account. The networking abilities it provides can help CHAIn members stay connected and informed with their peers and potential opportunities. 

Access to a network of individuals and skills

CHAIn members can find and contact other professionals who have similar or complementary expertise, qualifications, or interests, and who may be willing to collaborate, exchange ideas, or offer advice. 

Peer Support

CHAIn members can join or create communities of practice, where they can share their challenges, successes, and best practices with peers who understand their field and context. 

Learning new skills

CHAIn members can support each other to develop new skills. Members of CHAIn will have access to pre-existing training and will have the opportunity to join training that other members are offering 

Trading of work and ideas

CHAIn members can offer or request services, such as consulting, mentoring, training, or research assistance, from other members who have the relevant skills or experience. CHAIn members can also share their work products, such as publications, presentations, or reports, with other members who may find them useful or inspiring. This can help CHAIn members diversify their income sources, expand their portfolio, and innovate their solutions. 

Provision of references and recommendations

CHAIn members can provide or receive feedback, endorsements, or testimonials from other members who have worked with them or know their work quality. CHAIn members can also use the consortium as a reference when applying for jobs or grants. 

Marketing of skills

CHAIn members profiles and experience are freely available via the CHAIn website, which showcases the profiles and portfolios of members and attracts potential employers and clients. 

Use of CHAIn Logo

CHAIn has a recognised logo that consists of three interlocking chains, symbolising the unity of CHAIn members. Members can use the hyperlinked logo on their own websites and emails to show their affiliation with CHAIn and to promote the consortium to others. The logo helps to build trust and credibility among potential employers and clients, as well as to raise awareness of CHAIn's mission and goals.