Our Offer

Service Evaluations / Insight reviews 

Our consultants can take a deep dive into your insight processes from a range of perspectives including commissioning, data, processes, and people, to ensure your department is able to realise the full range of benefits from the talent in your team. 

Business Process Mapping 

Our unique skills diversity enables us to understand the complexity of business processes from a range of perspectives in order to comprehensively map, not only the flow of work, but also points of vulnerability

Data Flow Mapping 

Having consultants with unrivalled knowledge of the full range of data information standards enables our team to be able to provide detailed data flow maps and create efficient and accurate data set designs.

Business Analysis

Our consultants are experienced and skilled in many analytical techniques.  We can help support your information needs and provide a high quality analytical service to your business.

Process Optimisation / Automation 

Through gaining a thorough understanding of your data flows, our team of experts can advise on the best and most appropriate process optimisations and automations to maximise efficiency and security of data.

Benefits Realisation 

Whether making modifications to team structure or wholesale systems change, our skills in business processes, analytics, data science, data protection, commissioning and systems theory can ensure you are able to plan achieve and demonstrate the benefits of change

Trouble Shooting 

Whether you are looking to improve best practice or address known or unknown pinch points in your service, our talented consultants are able to review processes to identify and remediate functions to their highest capability


Our team of consultants can carry out detailed root and branch investigations into departmental and organisational requirements for informatics. See more information here. 


With highly accomplished consultants, each with decades of experience in delivering high quality training to delegates at all levels, our courses include: statistics, soft skills, leadership, data science, commissioning processes, analysis, research methods, dashboarding, data storytelling, Power Query, Power BI, Python, SQL, Azure, Information Governance (inc. Data Protection), contract management, project management, tender management, Application Basics, operational research and systems theory.