Data Storytelling - Demystified

AGENDA: Data Storytelling - Demystified


Expectations and learning objectives

We will share the goals for the day as well as listen to what you want to get from the session so that we may tailor the training to your needs. 

Know your audience

Understanding to whom you are delivering a message is key to the successful delivery. We will show you the main things to look out for. 

Understanding your environment

Whether at a desk or in a large lecture theatre, the environment can have a critical impact on your audience and their ability to receive a message 

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Why are we here?

The purpose of the data drives the plot of the storytelling so we will show you how to make the message clear with a call to action. 

Telling the story

From storyboarding to effective delivery, we will discuss how you can best convey your message 

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Understanding your data

Before you can tell a compelling story with your data, you need to understand the data that you have. We will tell you about the different types of data and how to distinguish between them 

Data visualisation

Ease of access to the data is paramount, particularly for the lay audience. We will show you some great visualisation tricks to highlight your emphasis 

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Group Work and Feedback

Time is everything